Mission Statement

Taking actors to the next level through education, inspiration, and motivation.


The Organic Actor is a resource for actors who are ready to take their lives to the next level. Focusing only on your career isn’t enough. It’s small thinking, compared to the multifaceted, multi focused person you must be in order to achieve sustainable success in this industry. The Organic Actor provides tools for auditioning, health & wellness, positive mindset, creative inspiration, networking & relationship building, as well as strategy for achieving your career goals. It’s big picture thinking and learning opportunities for actors who want to learn how to be at their best in every moment.

Career success isn’t only about what happens in the audition room or on set, it’s about what happens when you eat, exercise, and communicate with the people in your life. The Organic Actor is everything from nutrition and inspiration to relationship building and strategizing for success in the industry. Don’t just be the talent, be The Organic Actor.

Lori’s Book “The Organic Actor”

For the first time here is a book that provides everything you need to succeed in auditioning for film and television from a technical and psychological perspective. 

This book explores the mindset of the actor during the auditioning process, as well as, suggestions for a lifestyle holistically adapted to an actor’s needs. The common sense information in this book teaches you how to approach this business in a natural or “organic” way from making the decision to become an actor, to creating a memorable audition, to living the life of which you have always dreamed.

To purchase the paperback edition of Lori’s book “The Organic Actor” just click on the book’s image and it will take you to her publishing website.