One Line Wonders October 27th, 2019 in Miami, Florida


This Live and In Person class will be On Camera all day. Actors will be given sides to work on, perform on camera and then receive feedback from Lori Wyman.

Class size is limited so everyone gets to work on camera multiple times throughout the day.


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So what is “ONE LINE WONDERS?” you ask!
This is an amazing 1 day workshop that is only doing 1 liners. I just recently started teaching this class again and the response has been

Here’s an email I received from a Student after teaching in Orlando:
Good morning.
Your workshop was amazing! I was truly humbled by the talent in the room and the knowledge that my journey has just begun. On my drive back to Tampa, I evaluated my experience in your workshop. Currently, I am studying scene work, and I felt your workshop would give me something completely different to work on. What an understatement! Who knew so some much went into a one-line audition? I didn’t…I came away with a renewed awareness of what it takes to nail these auditions and book the jobs. I learned so much from you and your direction as well as from the other actors in class. And that a spot-on, one-line audition can lead to bigger and better gigs.
Your no-nonsense, direct approach was just what I needed. And getting in front of the camera five times in five different scenarios was priceless. This is not an easy business, and it is surely not for the faint of heart. I thought about what your Dad used to tell you about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. Well, that’s what I’m doing today. I am going to continue studying, learning, preparing, and giving 100% to every audition. I have a couple of auditions this week and will apply everything I learned in your class.
I thank you, Lori, and look forward to the day when my auditions will make you proud.
Have a wonderful week!
Celia I.

AND an agent in Florida wrote this a couple of weeks ago after my One-Line Class:

Your class has helped so many. One of my favorite things I hear from actors that take your class is how you let them see the others audition and then hear your insightful and frank feedback which helps them see they do have a lot to improve on. They are always
so much more motivated than before to work on their acting versus maybe just me telling them to practice more. And as important to me, they are always just so inspired by you, too, when you finish your class as they believe in themselves so much more.
I LOVE teaching this class and the actors LOVE taking this class.

This is an ON-CAMERA class to examine how to break down ONE line. “ONE line,” you say? That doesn’t sound hard. OH YEA??? Let me tell you about 1 line. Even though you probably won’t have a difficult time memorizing just 1 line, (or will you when you factor in nerves?) you still have to learn how to turn just one little line into an entire audition.
“Who wants to audition for just one line,” you ask? YOU DO!!!
“WHY,” you wonder? I’ll tell you why!
I was casting a big feature film and I brought these girls in to be the Bimbette secretary of the sleazy lawyer. Their ONE LINE was, “He will see you now.”
Can’t be THAT hard, can it? Oh yes it can.
I had 6 actresses audition for this. Clearly one actress was the best. After she did her audition and booked the role, the director determined that the Bimbette Secretary should be EVERYWHERE her sleazy boss should be. Her Boss? Bill Murry. The Movie? WILD
THINGS! She worked? 4 weeks! All from a ONE LINE audition!

One time when I taught this class an older actress signed up. She had been around the business for years and told me she only took the class so she could be in front of me. I don’t want actors to take my classes for that reason. I want them to take the classes so they will learn something. Anyway, she called me the following week and said she had a 1 line audition for a National Television Series. She went into the audition and knew exactly what to do because she had just taken the class and was so confident and, of course, she booked it!! I love hearing stories like that. A director can tell a good actor by just one line. I have brought actors in to audition for 1 line and then the director asks that actor to look at a bigger role and audition for that.

ONE LINE can tell many things about an actor. Make sure it tells them that you are good!



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