The DMF With Justin Younts

Welcome to the DMF. Where I try to find out what motivates people behind the scenes in the world of acting. Today on the podcast I am talking to Lori Wyman, CSA. She is a casting director in Miami. She has helped cast films and television such as “Recount” and “Miami Vice.” Also, she has written a book every actor should buy: “The Organic Actor.” This is Part 2 where we discuss the film: Big Trouble and how she went back to school and learned something specifically to help actors. We did have one question towards the end drop-out, but if you have been listening to previous episodes you know what it is. Spoiler: “do you have a beginning of the day routine.” As always you can reach me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with my name Justin Younts. Thank you for listening and sit back and enjoy.