BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITE – with Lori Wyman and Dean Feldman


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*Do you want a Website?                                                                          *Do you want to feel like you have arrived by having your own website?*Do you want to save money by building it yourself? To hire a web designer to build a standard 1 page website could cost upwards of $1000.                                                                                                        This course is designed to help you build a standard 1 page website yourself.                                                                                                      *You will know how to update it on your time.                                       *You won’t have to wait for your web designer to make time to update your site. You will know how to do it on your own.                                 This course has 3 components.                                                                1. A Pre Class. THURSDAY July 15th 7-9PM.  We will go over all of the materials you will want to gather for your website. Materials like, photos, video footage, testimonials, ANYTHING you want on your website.         2. Our FULL DAY CLASS, Saturday July 24th, 10-5PM where you will actually build the website yourself with instruction and guidance from Dean Feldman. He’s Quite tech savvy!                                                      3. Then our SHOW AND TELL. Thursday August 5th 7-9PM.  You will show everyone in the class your website. We will analyze and critique it so it shows the best you can be.                                              NORMALLY, if you hired someone to build this for you, you’d spend well over $500 and then you would be charged each time it needed to be updated. This class will show you how to build your own website AND how to update it when you add more credits to your resume, update your headshots, or add more footage to your reel. You will learn how to connect your website to Actor’s Access and you will even be able to create your own QR Code.  If you want to have a presence on the Internet, this is the BEST way to get it.  The Regular cost of this class will be $350, but if you sign up before July 10th, 2021, you can get this 3 part class for only $299.


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