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I began working with my mind many years ago. Oh, that sounds a little strange, right? “I began working with my mind”??? What I mean by that is I realized many years ago how powerful the mind is and that I could accomplish ANYTHING I wanted if I’d put my mind to it. The things I have accomplished during my lifetime just amaze me sometimes. After I accomplish them, I look back and shake my head and ask myself, REALLY, YOU ACTUALLY DID THAT?

If you read my newsletters you know that one of my biggest manifestations is my beautiful log home up in the mountains. I had longed for that for so many years and I’d just about given up when I remembered that I hadn’t thrown my whole mind and body into that dream.  

I have a friend by the name of Jessica Porter. She works with the mind helping people accomplish whatever their goals may be. We did some work together and I knew I was going to accomplish whatever it was I put my intention on.

I think the work that Jessica does is so important to an actor’s well-being that I asked her to bring her work to South Florida in the first place. NOW she is coming to you on ZOOM for the only time this year on Saturday May 8th, 2021.

If you are struggling in any aspect of your acting career whether it be with audition anxiety, nerves once you get on the set, memorizing lines, or just focusing more on your career, this one important DAY can turn your life around.

I’ll be there on May 8th, 2021. I hope you will be, too. 


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