Lori Wyman Opens up a 2nd Session since the first one completely sold out!! Starting July 16 for 3 Tuesdays in a Row!!


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Lori Wyman Teaches 1 Line Wonders
The JUNE 1 Liner Class FILLED FULL and we are Opening up a 2nd Session!


ALL CLASSES ON ZOOM – 6:30p – 9:30p Eastern Time

You get a call from your agent. They send you the sides and it’s only 1 page. You read the sides in their entirety and there’s only 1 line. That’s right!!! All you can find is 1 little line for your audition. So you read the line. How hard can it be? You memorize it in 2 seconds. You’ve got this, no problem!!

You go into the casting director’s office OR more often than not you set up your self tape equipment to record this audition. You chat with some people in the waiting room (if you go in person) or your self taping reader because, after all, it’s only 1 line.

Your name is called or your reader is ready and you go in to audition. You walk in. The CD asks if you have any questions. You say no, because after all it’s only 1 line. You begin the line and you FORGET THE WORDS! No biggie, you ask if you can do it again. You don’t quite get the words right on the second try, but you’re close enough. You’re done! You walk out. You get into your car and review this audition for the WHOLE DRIVE HOME!! OR you think about it obsessively after you have hit the SUBMIT button!

You remember all of the things you forgot. You forgot your beginning. You forgot your ending. You meant to hold a folder. You had wanted to ask a couple more questions, but in the haste of only auditioning for 1 line, you forgot to ask those questions. The audition was so quick that it was over before it even started. OR you recorded the Self tape yourself and you forgot to watch it back and you hit submit. YIKES!!!

Does any of this sound familiar? Of course it does. WHY??? Because you are HUMAN and this type of thing happens a lot for the smaller auditions.

BUT what if it is a SELF TAPE? And you have NO ONE to ask any questions. You are ALL ALONE with the knowledge that you have. OR DON’T HAVE!! THEN WHAT DO YOU DO??? How do you turn in the perfect SELF TAPE? Do you know how to make sure your self tape is uploaded correctly? Many don’t!!!

I want you to read this letter from an actor who took my ONE LINE WONDERS class a while back:

Here’s what Katherine said after last week’s class:

“We had the first class last night. It was incredible. If you’re thinking about this at all, I would say – do it now.”

This is a great class! I learned so much. And not just about how to make a one liner a memorable and captivating moment. But film making and story telling in general. Lori is amazing at what she does. Her expertise and experience are unquantifiable. This class is invaluable. I had a friend who was going in for a one liner on Blue Bloods yesterday and I found myself telling him everything I learned in Lori’s class. Ian H.

SO CLICK HERE if you want to up your game and learn how to keep your act together when self taping or going in to audition for roles as simple as the 1 Liner or the more complex sets of sides.

Once you have the foundation of the 1 Liner down, you can apply it to ANY audition!

READ THIS AGAIN!!! ANY audition!!



3 Week Class Tuesdays Starting Tuesdays July 16, 2024 6:30-9:30PM



Lori Wyman Opens up a 2nd Session since the first one completely sold out!! Starting July 16 for 3 Tuesdays in a Row!!



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