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February 15, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
If nerves and anxiety are hindering your auditions, YOU won’t want to miss this day!

Hypnosis for actors is also great for learning lines, getting into character and Jessica will even show you how to make a self-hypnosis recording.
Don’t miss this workshop.

Lori Wyman conducts this workshop with JESSICA PORTER. To discover more about Jessica Porter checkout her website at http://hypnosis4actors.com

Seating is limited for this workshop, and due to its’ tremendous popularity it is wise to reserve your space early! The results are truly amazing!!!!

Read what our clients have said about this workshop and working with Jessica:

“Jessica has helped me conquer two difficulties I face in castings: Memorization & Nerves. She explained how our minds handle information and fear. She showed how our mental defenses kick in. She gave me an understanding of how to ride through my waves of fear, relax myself, quiet my overactive thoughts and find a safe, comfortable mental place to do my casting. Do you know what that means to an actor?” – Robert Younis

Jayvo Scott says: “Jessica Porter’s hypnosis workshop is awesome! Everyone who has the chance needs to take this class. It did wonders for me especially for calming my nerves and improving character development…”

Phyllis Brown says: “Great class affording amazing memory skills”

Claudia Buckley says: “Great class…still works for me!!!! Jessica is wonderful!”

From Lulu Braha: “Jessica Porter’s class was life changing! Highly recommend it!”

Manny Insists: “Jessica is the bomb.”

Patricia McBride-Demetrious: “I attended this class last year and it was wonderful! I highly recommend it.”

Do you want to feel the same things?

Yes, Jessica Porter, THE HYPNOSIS FOR ACTORS Specialist can HELP YOU:

  • Overcome your Nerves
  • Memorize Quicker, Better
  • More Confidence on castings
  • Learn to Relax

She is AMAZING!!!!!

This is a wonderful investment in yourself.

This workshop is held at our studio in North Miami Beach, Florida.


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